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Playful Kiss

I'm gonna do a little of review about this lovely drama. I never got bored for this drama. Maybe I've watched it 20 times or...even more :O

The first time I knew this drama is from local television and got excited because of the amusing actor and story. Well, I don't like Kim HyunJoong at first because of his hair in Boys Before Flowers...but I got attached to him with this drama.

Let me introduce you, one of my forever favorite drama,
Playful Kiss

Playful Kiss (Hangul장난스런 키스RRJangnanseureon Kiseu; also known as Mischievous Kiss or Naughty Kiss) is romantic-comedy television series South Korean drama starring Kim HyunJoong and Jung So Min. It got low rating (around 5%) but it got popular and liked by the other countries. Because of that, it released the short special edition (7 episodes).

The story is about a clumsy girl named Oh Ha Ni who always got a low grades and fell in love with the most popular, handsome and genius male student, Baek Seung Jo. There’s coincidence when Ha Ni’s house crushed because of small earthquake and got to live with Baek Seung Jo because their fathers is childhood friend. They showed us how high school student live for exam, dating, competition, heartbreak, worries for which university to go and so on. There must be opponent to get the one who you loves, right? They experienced it and it got us in nerve >.<

I introduce you,

Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni
Bad at studying, but if she work on something she wants, she work diligently.
Loves Baek Seung Jo from 10th grade.

Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo
Extremely handsome, popular and genius student. His IQ is 200.

Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu
Loves Ha Ni so much, really bad at studying

Lee Si Young as Yoon Hae Ra
Genius and pretty university girl. Loves Baek Seung Jo.

Seung Jo's family

Ha Ni's bestfriend

I will spoil some pictures hihihi :3

Kalo ditemenin sama dia pas belajar....... :)))))))))))

Thank you :)

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