Senin, 21 April 2014

Day 4 : 2014 and we are still the same, always.

Yesterday, I met up with my chingu (read : friend)!!!
It's been 4 months we didn't meet up and I was reaalllllllyyyyy happy yesterday.
I mean, gila, udah 4 bulan kita nggak main sama makan bareng terus kemaren spent our day together all day long jadinya bahagiaaaaa banget hahaha~

even at musholla....

They pick me up on 1 PM and we chose to go to Grand Galaxy Park to watch a competition.
Before we watched it, my friend want to eat first. We ate at Lotteria. Because I was already eat noodle at home, I was just ordered an oreo ice cream (hmmm it kinda look like McFlurryOreo HAHAHA)
They ordered a gunjang, gonjang or something like that. It was a Korean fried chicken I think. The taste was pretty good and edible :) (gonna eat them someday)


After we prayed, we waited for the competition to start. Because I started to get tired from waiting, I went to a book store and looking for a comic book that I want so much. Too bad, there was none of them. Just where will I find Death Note series?! Grrr.

I want you guyss :(

And it started. It was a dance competition. I didn't like it much but it was kinda fun to watch ahaha. I like the pro-one. The category was divided into 3, -sunbae, hoobae and rookie- of course I love to watch the sunbae one. Woah, I can even say they're ready to debut as a dancer. And some of them just a teenager! Maybe around 14-16 (they were also around 16-25 but there were some of them..... maybe 10-12. Idk, looked like elementary school student). They are younger than me and already like that. o.O I can't even dance -_-

But there was one group that I can't watch because of the dizziness(?) they got for me.
I know they're trying to cross-cover(?) but........ if only their attitude in real life didn't like that it would be better. You know, some of them have the pretty face as a man, I mean they're handsome enough...haha. But when I looked at them (I mean how they're talking, walking, or anything) , whoa, they even more feminine than me -_- So, um.... I'll just....o...kay....

It was ended at 8 PM, if I'm not wrong...hahaha
We decided to go back because it was already late for us girls to hangout. But we stopped at J.Co and had yoghurt-ing(?) I ordered single coop with strawberry mochi, fyi, I hate strawberry-or berries series like strawberry, blueberry, cherry, raspberry or their friends- but this strawberry mochi is different and I love how they taste, hihihi~ While my friend chose almond as her yoghurt topping.

We chat until 8.30 PM and took some, no, much photos. Girls know how to treasure a day with :)

today's best pose HAHAHA

Yesterday I didn't get anything productive BUT I'M SUPER DUPER MEGA HAPPY! ^^

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