Minggu, 27 April 2014

Day 10 : Wedding

I woke up at 6 AM and did some house chores.
That day wasn't anything special besides I went to my cousin's wedding.
It placed at Gedung Patra Jasa, Jakarta.
The place was good enough for wedding..........but actually it needs a bigger place because there's too crowded -_-

I like wedding. Not just because of  the free food, hehe, but I love to wear a good clothes.
Girls, usually, maybe boys too, like to match this clothes and this accesories with this shoes~
And this was my choice :

 gakpapa gaul dikit foto di kaca :)

I bought the dress (yeah it's actually a dress), in Bali. Ahaha, it's brought me back to June 2013.
Good for us who joined that tour, we could go to a beautiful place together. Too bad, this year there's no vacation. actually there is, but I didn't join :(

I took some flowers from the wedding, ahahaha.

 actually the flower's is soft pink.....

If there's wedding from my family's, usually I took them. But if it's not from my family, I didn't dare to took it -__-

We went home at 2 PM. But one of my cousin going to get married. ah so lucky, even me don't have a boyfriend :(

So we went to some of my family's house to give the invitation to them. I went to Buaran, Rawamangun etc. Wuah, the house of one of my cousin is realllyyyyyyy good. Not really big, but it was good enough for 5 people to live there, it was like my dream house. It has a mini garden with a bit of vintage-like effect. The house was so clean ahaha unlike my room...

I arrived in Bekasi at 6 PM. Me and my mom walked around in a mall and then called my brother to go to Summarecon Mall for dinner. So we went  there after Maghrib, and ate at Solaria. I had a Nasi Goreng Sosis with "very spicy" request ^^ and it was spicy enough~

So, that was my 10th day of holiday! :)

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