Kamis, 17 April 2014

Day 1 : I'm Happy

First day of the longggggg holiday! J

I got up pretty late, haha.

Enak banget tidur rasanya, nggak ada beban, bahaaaaagia. Nggak lama setelah bangun tidur, I made a morning toast. Not really a toast actually, there’s a machine called… idk what is it called but it got the bread pressed and I reallyyyy love to eat bread that way ^~

Not something new actually, today I just made my mood up! I downloaded everything that I resisted during the time for finals and TODAY I DOWNLOADED THEM!
I watched Law of The Jungle Onew special, Running Man 193, continuing the 15th episode of Prime Minister and I (there’s still 1 episode left!! J), Wild Chives….

Oho, in the morning, I tidy up my room because it nearly 2 weeks…..I left them behind. You know…..it’s a total mess. So I swept and taraaa~ it become clean again hohoho~

I ate kangkung and omelette for lunch. After that I watched drama again.

Around 5 PM, I watched local television.I only watched this television series because it has reaallllyyy interesting story and character.

I drew some drawing today….it’s not really good but I pretty satisfied.


Hmm, again one of a boring day to write, but I’m happy. Hohoho~

I will try to make my holiday interesting!!

Bye! J

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