Jumat, 25 April 2014

Day 7, 8, and 9 -_-

Hi guysss idk why I've been really lazy to update this blog ahahahaa~

Day 7 : Drama and Cross-stitch!
I made pancakes in the morning.........well, not bad :)

of course it's by pancake mix^^

I watched drama and cross-stitch-ing all day long...
This is the progress :

Day 8 : Cross stitch!
Same as day 7, I watched drama also cross-stitch-ing
And the progress was amazing! << praising myself ^^

Day 9 : Finally I took a nap!
I got up on 6 AM. It got pretty chaos in the morning because My Mom had to make up the JHS student(s) for Kartini's Day.
And.......because of the curiousness I've had, I made this~

Then, I helped her with her store.
After that, I took a nap............

It got pretty boring actually~ hahaha
AND GUESS WHAT, finally there's wifi at my house!!! YEAYYY
And here I am, writing this journal while listening to A PINK's song^^

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