Selasa, 22 April 2014

Day 5 : Lazy-ing (?)

Yeaaa, because I started to lazy to update anything here yesterday…………….I’ll make it up today J
Again for 20-smthnth I re-watched Playful Kiss from the first until the last episode yesterday. I don’t know, I just love how they acted and brought the story to us the audience. The story is light and it fits my age ahaha.

why I love them so much?

On the evening, around 6 PM, finally I played the piano again after 2 weeks *caused by final exam ahahaha~*. Fyi, it’s been a year and half I started to play piano from a music school. Long time ago, I played organ and of course it’s different with piano although some of the technic is the same.

my happiness ^^

It ended at 7 PM. And then My Mom suggested to go to nearest supermarket to buy some house supplies. We bought them (and most of them is food…) and went to bakery to buy some bread for my brothers.

my first time bought a rainbow cake, it's my brother's tho....

At night, I did some cross-stitch(?) *idk how to spell it, haha sorry if they’re wrong* and yeah it still long way to be finished. But I’ll try as fast as possible.


I’m interested in design interior since elementary school. You guys may do not believe it, but become an architect was my dream since elementary school. Such architect, graphic designer, or interior designer. But suddenly it vanished when I entered high school…which I choose doctor to be my job in the future. Aaamiinn J

I found a program in play store which can make an interior design yourself. You can choose the location, colour, angle, even things on it! It really makes me happy ~ It named homestyler if you want to know. Ahaha.

This is some of my design ughhh it’s embarrassing actually bcs it’s not really good….

isn't it nice?

my very first result of bedroom :)

I think I'm going overboard with the carpet..

too so so, isn't it?

this is the result of my first time trying this program...........

better? HAHAHA

this is my first time trying to make a bathroom :)

this is also the result of first time trying to make a dining room + kitchen

nice, right? ^^

How was that? Nice? ^^

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