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Reply 1994 ; Team Chilbong!

I really spent all my day staring at computer, watching those lovey-dovey Korean Drama.

I'm addicted. HAHAHA. Please tell me how to stop, anyone? :)
Here, I'm not own this review but I reblogged it.
I'm #teamchilbong fyi and reallllllyyyyyyy fan of Yoo Yeon Seok ^^

I introduce you, jerk-looking man, Yoo Yeon Seok.

Team Chilbong VS Team Oppa

Episode 17: There’s finally a signal of Trash Oppa and Na Jung breaking up and of Na Jung’s toned down feelings for him.
- The wedding proposal in 1997 was pretty strong. But if Trash Oppa is the end-game, why would it take them almost 5 years to pursue the wedding? Plus, I don’t see how June 22 relates with Trash Oppa or Na Jung for this case. I mean the date must have meant something to the future husband because he chose it.
- Trash Oppa’s fear does signal something negative about his relationship with Na Jung.
- The famous husband comment on Na Jung from Sung Shiwon’s father reflects more on Chilbong than Trash Oppa. Isn’t Chilbong popular even during the 90s era?

Episode 16: Chilbong addressed Na Jung’s father as father. But, in the 90s, I’m pretty certain he never called him that way. It has always been Coach-nim even when he was already particularly close with him.

Episode 15: The Medical books on the shelves sure hint Trash Oppa for he is a doctor. But there were Baseball books too. Could it be Trash Oppa got interested in baseball?
- Though we cannot ignore about Trash Oppa’s cousin’s prediction. She may have heard about Na Jung from Trash Oppa’s hyung but she was totally right about the bus and Seo Tai Ji.

Episode 14: It isn’t probably hard evidence to point at Chilbong as the end-game when he suggested to Samcheonpo to have the woman manage their finances because anyone actually could give that kind of comment. But all the same, it send us the message that if he had married Na Jung, then he knows how good Na Jung is with numbers.
- Trash Oppa getting his wallet from the table across is very sseurikke of him. Although it can be taken as his point in this phenomenal battle of Who is the husband, I highly doubt its strength.
- And why didn’t Trash Oppa grabbed the menu from the drawer if he was the real deal?             Surely he would know where things are in his own house. Or maybe not, he’s Sseurike after all.
- The aegyo conversation that went past between Chilbong and Na Jung is certainly a firm evidence on Team CB. I mean, I think Na Jung is sensible enough not to aegyo talk with Chilbong (no matter how friendly they are) if her supposed husband is Trash Oppa who not to mention is in a proximate distance. Na Jung’s Joon, Joon ~, Chilbong’s ddeokboki ~ and their interaction generally in this episode’s 2013 scenes just sound so intimate.
- Furthermore, isn’t it a number 1 rule for wives to attend to their husband first before others? So, why would she give the menu first to Chilbong who is not the one buying?
- It feels that there is some behind message in the way both Chilbong and Na Jung tapping Samcheonpo and Yoon Jin comfortingly.
- Trash Oppa’s cousin’s prediction seems like a preparatory message that there will be a turn of table.

Episode 13: In the 2002 wedding ceremony, the 2 ahjummas conversing mentioned that the shillang has a good body. Between Trash Oppa who is a doctor but lives like a trash and Chilbong who is an athlete who has a disciplined lifestyle (as told by his teammate), who do you think will have a more fit body?
- Chilbong’s “it ain’t over till it’s over” clearly argues that it’s not yet the end for him and Najung which is true to the drama since we still have 7 episodes and a lot of turning tables could happen in that time which of course could work for both candidates.
- Chilbong narrates about the 10,000 hours rule and how success is achieved through tireless effort and suffering with the wedding video as the background. Doesn’t that seem to send a message that after his effort and painful heartbreaks he will eventually win over Najung?
- Oppa is the first love and they got together. But will he be the last?

Episode 12: There were no 2013 scenes. But this episode clearly showed that Najung care about Chilbong big time even if it’s just pure friendship.

Episode 11: While watching the TV drama, Sandglass, Najung described why Lee Jung Jae is her ideal man which basically describes how Chilbong is to her.
- And what’s with Dad’s antagonism towards the groom saying he is ugly? We know that Dad is a big Chilbong fan, so it doesn’t fit the puzzle if he was the shillang.
- Doesn’t Oppa’s moving out and Chilbong’s moving in at the boarding house a kind of symbolism? Oppa went out of Najung’s heart and Chilbong went in.
- But isn’t that last head on throw made by Chilbong which was totally ousted by the batter a kind of signal that he won’t win?

Episode 10: Again, we all know that dad is a big Chilbong fan. But in the 2002 wedding ceremony, dad hesitated to give Najung’s hand to the husband. Does that mean it is Trash Oppa or more shockingly, Haitai because they never even considered them? Or was it just a father-daughter thing?
- Am I the only one who thinks that the way Chilbong asked Najung about Kim Jae Hyeon’s attending the wedding seemed all too familiar?
- When Trash Oppa mentioned that Player Kim Jae Hyeon is good looking, Najung said, “My husband is way more handsome,” which the only one who made a sound reaction was Chilbong. And why would she compare her husband to him? Perhaps because her husband is a baseball player too?
- But Kim Jae Hyeon said that if the groom and the bride look alike, they will live well. Granting that the one who marries Na Jung has somehow similar features as hers (in the face), between Trash Oppa and Chilbong, I think Najung resembles Trash Oppa more.
- Najung complies to drink Dad’s ginseng alcohol only after she was chided by Chilbong.

Episode 9: Isn’t Yoon Jin’s comment about the husband’s long legs in the wedding video says that the husband is a tall person (even if the one we saw was a stand-in)? And between Trash Oppa and Chilbong, we all know who’s taller, right?
- But is the magic eye picture that Na Jung was never able to see a kind of symbolism that she will never see Chilbong’s heart?

Episode 8: In 2013, Na Jung clearly still addresses Trash Oppa as Oppa. But throughout the entire 2013 timeframe, she refers to her husband as Yeobo whenever she calls for him.
- The wedding photograph where we can vaguely see the husband in his knees handing the flowers to his bride at the same time Na Jung accepting it resembles Chilbong and Na Jung’s catch-the-ball moment in Episode 7. (Try to look for the comparison of that picture and that scene; I’m sure there’s one in tumblr who posted about it)
- Doesn’t that scene where Na Jung choose Chilbong in that little game they played a signal that she will eventually respond to him because Trash Oppa didn’t immediately go for her?

Episode 7: Am I the only one who thinks that Kim Gi Tae’s weird looks towards Na Jung and Chilbong seems to kind of send some message?
- If Trash Oppa was the end-game, why didn’t that couple who met through the blind date set up by Na Jung and Trash Oppa didn’t mention Trash Oppa at all? They sent their thanks and congratulations only to Na Jung. Shouldn’t they at least recognize Trash Oppa if he was the groom?
- In Baseball, they refer to the catcher as the pitcher’s wife. Well Chilbong was a pitcher and Na Jung was the catcher at that catch-the-ball moment.
- That catch-the-wallet in the 2013 scene is similar to that catch-the-ball scene in 1994. And since she had done the latter with Chilbong in 1994, so probably it was him too in 2013. Further, I thought I heard Trash Oppa’s voice complimenting “nice catch.” Would you say to yourself “nice catch” out loud if you were the catcher?
- Am I the only one again who thinks that their sleeping position was a kind of symbolism pointing to Chilbong as the end-game?

Episode 6: The coffee scene in 2013 is a big clue. Na Jung and Chilbong seem to be all too familiar with that kind of situation. And how would he know that Sook sookie has been coming home late? It’s either he keep in touch with Na Jung’s family always or he’s living with them.
- Chilbong was the only one who answered right regarding Na Jung’s question. Does that symbolize that he is the correct answer for Na Jung?
- Dad’s joke about making Chilbong Na Jung’s husband isn’t some sort of prediction of the future, right?
- Then again that choice of date of wedding in 2002 is something Trash Oppa would do.
- But even if the groom standing there was just a stand-in, he did sport some of Chilbong’s mannerism.

Episode 5: 

Episode 4: In the 2013 scene, why was Chilbong so comfortable around the house? He seems to be knowledgeable also on where to go exactly. And if it is indeed the master’s bedroom at the end of the hall, why was he going straight there unless of course he is the husband?
- We know Kim Gi Tae is a big Chilbong fan. So by saying that Na Jung plucked the best among them, isn’t that some kind of reference to Chilbong? Plus he was not acquainted with Trash Oppa and Binggeurae (that’s why they don’t know his name) so I’m sure he was not even considering them. It’s only Samcheonpo, Haitai and Chilbong. And we know that Samcheonpo ends up with Yoon Jin whereas, Haitai’s probability is very little from what we have in the episodes so far. So that leaves us with Chilbong.
- There’s a recurring theme from that 1994 scene when Binggeurae was calling Chilbong but he couldn’t hear him so he used his name instead—Joon and that 2013 scene where Na Jung keeps calling “Yeobo” but there was no response and call out Kim Jae Joon instead.

Episode 3: Chilbong naming all the games Na Jung played on her phone, isn’t that a sign that they have a close relationship?

Episode 2: 

Episode 1: Isn’t the Seoul accent she used to give directions was for Chilbong who is a Seoul saram?
- On the other hand, I think Chilbong pretty much know his way around Seoul which direct us to Trash Oppa?

Anyway, I guess that’s all. There are some other clues too which do not pertain to the episodes. But I will not touch them anymore because they are more likely speculations only and holds no water unlike those mentioned above.

So, Team CBs, be positive. Our ship hasn’t sunk yet. It’s just fighting a bad weather. Keep the faith!


P.S. I’m sorry I’m just so invested to this drama. Who wouldn’t be?

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