Sabtu, 19 April 2014

Day 2 and 3, 1 Litre of Tears

I haven’t able to update this blog yesterday because I’m reaallly focusing on “1 Litre of Tears”.

In day 2 of holiday, I didn’t do anything special besides watching drama and eating ahaha J So I’ll just skip day 2 and let me tell you about my 3rd day of holiday!

Same as before, I spend today with watching drama called “1 Litre of Tears” and do some house chores. 1 Litre of Tears is a Japanese drama based on true story of a girl named Aya who struggled an incurable disease. Wait, I forget the name… um..ataxia? Oh, spinocerebellar degenerative disease. Huh, even for me difficult to remember the name -_-

1 Litre no Namida (1リットルの涙

Through this amazing drama, I realize we have to live our life to the fullest. It’s not like I didn’t think like that before, but today, something just knock my heart to treasure our life like there’s no tomorrow. We don’t know what will happen next week, tomorrow, one hour later, even the next second. Who knows we will have a shorter lives than others? Of course we don’t want it to be happen and want to keep a healthy life.

Aya in the drama

Everyone should know that health is an expensive thing to get.

Aya and her family in the drama

But I just can’t imagine how Aya live her life as a patient with an incurable disease. Knowing the thruth herself, even knowing that her disease couldn’t be cured.

She got accepted at a school that she wanted. That was her dream to be graduated from that school. But because of her disease, she had to move to a school for disability people. It hurted her so much. Even some her friends saying things that shouldn’t be said. But there’s a boy named Haruto who care about her and always by her side everytime she felt down.

I wonder, if I have a disease like her, will I be able to not give up and always trying to live? Will my friend stay by my side and not complaining about my disease? Will there a boy who care about me and love me sincerely like him?

Ehem, the boy, ehem ><

My heart hurt so much because of the tears that her parent, brother and sisters shed for her. I can’t imagine my parents shed tears and look at me like that.

Even for me, the audience, got hurt by just watching the movie. I wonder how the people around the real Aya…….deal with it.

The real Aya :)

Thank you, Aya, you got me to learn how to treasure my life. The you who just 14 years old, deal with your cruel disease and fight for it. Even I, if there’s no anything happen, who will get my 18 next month, sometime still spend my day like this and got no meaning like you treasure your day.

I’m sure there’s many people who inspired by you and realize their day shouldn’t be spend with no meaning and will live their life happily as possible.

So guys, enough for the review, I will do some things.
Hope this drama will get you inspired…. and bye! :)

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