Minggu, 27 April 2014

Day 11 : Kota Kasablanka

Today I went to Kota Kasablanka.
Actually it was planned a week ago. I just said, "Let's go there" without knowing what the event will be held today. Wow, there's a K Festival! Unexpectedly, there was Eru's fanmeeting. I got to watch him sing for free^^ *remembering 1 year ago I watched him sing in Music Bank event*

Hmm, he looks good~

So, me and my friends went to train station at 11 PM. Arrived in Jatinegara and rode a mikrolet to go there. We arrived there around 12 PM. It was the first time for us to looks around there. Actually, I did once go there. But it was for be treated by one of my classmate for his birthday.

And we walked around around around and around, searching a restaurant for our lunch.
We got the place that we wanted, but we were not really hungry so we walked around again.
We stopped at 2nd floor to watch musical performance. I know now why Korean musical always got the success. I just love how they brought the story and ended it well.

After that, we prayed. We back to the restaurant that we wanted, Sunny Side Up.
We got the desk(?) that we wanted and ordered the foods and drinks.
Bored with waiting, we took some photos.

pardon our craziness

The foods finally coming!
I ordered salmon..teriyaki sauce....scrambled egg....something *I forgot the name*

good :)

It was pretty good. But I really can't eat that much of food so I.....yeah.

Our food hunt didn't stop there.
We went to Hop Hop and filled our stomach with Cookies and Cream hihihi~
I love the interior design for all of the restaurant. Actually, I came for the interior design, not for the food :p

We went to 1st floor to watch Eru's performance.

hai :)

 foto kaki mah teteup^^

After that we prayed, and went back home.

It was pretty crowded at the train station. It got delayed and finally we arrived in Bekasi at 6 PM.

And here I am, writing today's journal while waiting for my download of Onew's Law of The Jungle :)

see you on June ;)

So, that was my today's. Thankyou :)

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  1. wah ..
    berarti kota yang penasaran saya ternyata sudah saya ketahui :D