Minggu, 27 April 2014

Day 11 : Kota Kasablanka

Today I went to Kota Kasablanka.
Actually it was planned a week ago. I just said, "Let's go there" without knowing what the event will be held today. Wow, there's a K Festival! Unexpectedly, there was Eru's fanmeeting. I got to watch him sing for free^^ *remembering 1 year ago I watched him sing in Music Bank event*

Hmm, he looks good~

So, me and my friends went to train station at 11 PM. Arrived in Jatinegara and rode a mikrolet to go there. We arrived there around 12 PM. It was the first time for us to looks around there. Actually, I did once go there. But it was for be treated by one of my classmate for his birthday.

And we walked around around around and around, searching a restaurant for our lunch.
We got the place that we wanted, but we were not really hungry so we walked around again.
We stopped at 2nd floor to watch musical performance. I know now why Korean musical always got the success. I just love how they brought the story and ended it well.

After that, we prayed. We back to the restaurant that we wanted, Sunny Side Up.
We got the desk(?) that we wanted and ordered the foods and drinks.
Bored with waiting, we took some photos.

pardon our craziness

The foods finally coming!
I ordered salmon..teriyaki sauce....scrambled egg....something *I forgot the name*

good :)

It was pretty good. But I really can't eat that much of food so I.....yeah.

Our food hunt didn't stop there.
We went to Hop Hop and filled our stomach with Cookies and Cream hihihi~
I love the interior design for all of the restaurant. Actually, I came for the interior design, not for the food :p

We went to 1st floor to watch Eru's performance.

hai :)

 foto kaki mah teteup^^

After that we prayed, and went back home.

It was pretty crowded at the train station. It got delayed and finally we arrived in Bekasi at 6 PM.

And here I am, writing today's journal while waiting for my download of Onew's Law of The Jungle :)

see you on June ;)

So, that was my today's. Thankyou :)

Day 10 : Wedding

I woke up at 6 AM and did some house chores.
That day wasn't anything special besides I went to my cousin's wedding.
It placed at Gedung Patra Jasa, Jakarta.
The place was good enough for wedding..........but actually it needs a bigger place because there's too crowded -_-

I like wedding. Not just because of  the free food, hehe, but I love to wear a good clothes.
Girls, usually, maybe boys too, like to match this clothes and this accesories with this shoes~
And this was my choice :

 gakpapa gaul dikit foto di kaca :)

I bought the dress (yeah it's actually a dress), in Bali. Ahaha, it's brought me back to June 2013.
Good for us who joined that tour, we could go to a beautiful place together. Too bad, this year there's no vacation. actually there is, but I didn't join :(

I took some flowers from the wedding, ahahaha.

 actually the flower's is soft pink.....

If there's wedding from my family's, usually I took them. But if it's not from my family, I didn't dare to took it -__-

We went home at 2 PM. But one of my cousin going to get married. ah so lucky, even me don't have a boyfriend :(

So we went to some of my family's house to give the invitation to them. I went to Buaran, Rawamangun etc. Wuah, the house of one of my cousin is realllyyyyyyy good. Not really big, but it was good enough for 5 people to live there, it was like my dream house. It has a mini garden with a bit of vintage-like effect. The house was so clean ahaha unlike my room...

I arrived in Bekasi at 6 PM. Me and my mom walked around in a mall and then called my brother to go to Summarecon Mall for dinner. So we went  there after Maghrib, and ate at Solaria. I had a Nasi Goreng Sosis with "very spicy" request ^^ and it was spicy enough~

So, that was my 10th day of holiday! :)

Jumat, 25 April 2014

Day 7, 8, and 9 -_-

Hi guysss idk why I've been really lazy to update this blog ahahahaa~

Day 7 : Drama and Cross-stitch!
I made pancakes in the morning.........well, not bad :)

of course it's by pancake mix^^

I watched drama and cross-stitch-ing all day long...
This is the progress :

Day 8 : Cross stitch!
Same as day 7, I watched drama also cross-stitch-ing
And the progress was amazing! << praising myself ^^

Day 9 : Finally I took a nap!
I got up on 6 AM. It got pretty chaos in the morning because My Mom had to make up the JHS student(s) for Kartini's Day.
And.......because of the curiousness I've had, I made this~

Then, I helped her with her store.
After that, I took a nap............

It got pretty boring actually~ hahaha
AND GUESS WHAT, finally there's wifi at my house!!! YEAYYY
And here I am, writing this journal while listening to A PINK's song^^

Selasa, 22 April 2014

Day 6 : Movie Marathon and.... !!!

I woke up late this 6 days -_-

I ate kolak pisang and indomie bulgogi for breakfast. Ughhh I feel like a pig to eat that much food in the morning…
Actually it was my first time to eat indomie bulgogi. Wuah, it’s delicious tho J


After that, I washed plates. Then I watched some movies which I already listed in my notebook.

It was Jackal is Coming, Hot Young Bloods and Doremifasolasido. Yeheyyy J They’re good!

Jackal is Coming

Hot Young Bloods


Maybe I’ll give you the review about that movies later bcs today I’m too lazy to write them hahaha~

At 1 PM, together with My Mom, I went with her to Giant to buy a cooler(?) you know, a mini refrigerator to ice blocks….ah idk the name. Not found anything that we wanted, we went to Summarecon Mall. We found that item there and went around a bit. Bought some food to my brothers (again) hahaha. And I asked her to buy me an oreo ice cream and taraaa!!!! My happiness~~


Back from the Mall, I watched the movies again and here I am! Write the journal on my blog and planning to watch Lie to Me, Korean Drama, which I delayed since last year J

Btw, me and 2 of my friend planning to go to a mall at Jakarta to play! ( We will hunt delicious food and looking for kpop stuffs^^)


my love >.<

Day 5 : Lazy-ing (?)

Yeaaa, because I started to lazy to update anything here yesterday…………….I’ll make it up today J
Again for 20-smthnth I re-watched Playful Kiss from the first until the last episode yesterday. I don’t know, I just love how they acted and brought the story to us the audience. The story is light and it fits my age ahaha.

why I love them so much?

On the evening, around 6 PM, finally I played the piano again after 2 weeks *caused by final exam ahahaha~*. Fyi, it’s been a year and half I started to play piano from a music school. Long time ago, I played organ and of course it’s different with piano although some of the technic is the same.

my happiness ^^

It ended at 7 PM. And then My Mom suggested to go to nearest supermarket to buy some house supplies. We bought them (and most of them is food…) and went to bakery to buy some bread for my brothers.

my first time bought a rainbow cake, it's my brother's tho....

At night, I did some cross-stitch(?) *idk how to spell it, haha sorry if they’re wrong* and yeah it still long way to be finished. But I’ll try as fast as possible.


I’m interested in design interior since elementary school. You guys may do not believe it, but become an architect was my dream since elementary school. Such architect, graphic designer, or interior designer. But suddenly it vanished when I entered high school…which I choose doctor to be my job in the future. Aaamiinn J

I found a program in play store which can make an interior design yourself. You can choose the location, colour, angle, even things on it! It really makes me happy ~ It named homestyler if you want to know. Ahaha.

This is some of my design ughhh it’s embarrassing actually bcs it’s not really good….

isn't it nice?

my very first result of bedroom :)

I think I'm going overboard with the carpet..

too so so, isn't it?

this is the result of my first time trying this program...........

better? HAHAHA

this is my first time trying to make a bathroom :)

this is also the result of first time trying to make a dining room + kitchen

nice, right? ^^

How was that? Nice? ^^

Senin, 21 April 2014

Day 4 : 2014 and we are still the same, always.

Yesterday, I met up with my chingu (read : friend)!!!
It's been 4 months we didn't meet up and I was reaalllllllyyyyy happy yesterday.
I mean, gila, udah 4 bulan kita nggak main sama makan bareng terus kemaren spent our day together all day long jadinya bahagiaaaaa banget hahaha~

even at musholla....

They pick me up on 1 PM and we chose to go to Grand Galaxy Park to watch a competition.
Before we watched it, my friend want to eat first. We ate at Lotteria. Because I was already eat noodle at home, I was just ordered an oreo ice cream (hmmm it kinda look like McFlurryOreo HAHAHA)
They ordered a gunjang, gonjang or something like that. It was a Korean fried chicken I think. The taste was pretty good and edible :) (gonna eat them someday)


After we prayed, we waited for the competition to start. Because I started to get tired from waiting, I went to a book store and looking for a comic book that I want so much. Too bad, there was none of them. Just where will I find Death Note series?! Grrr.

I want you guyss :(

And it started. It was a dance competition. I didn't like it much but it was kinda fun to watch ahaha. I like the pro-one. The category was divided into 3, -sunbae, hoobae and rookie- of course I love to watch the sunbae one. Woah, I can even say they're ready to debut as a dancer. And some of them just a teenager! Maybe around 14-16 (they were also around 16-25 but there were some of them..... maybe 10-12. Idk, looked like elementary school student). They are younger than me and already like that. o.O I can't even dance -_-

But there was one group that I can't watch because of the dizziness(?) they got for me.
I know they're trying to cross-cover(?) but........ if only their attitude in real life didn't like that it would be better. You know, some of them have the pretty face as a man, I mean they're handsome enough...haha. But when I looked at them (I mean how they're talking, walking, or anything) , whoa, they even more feminine than me -_- So, um.... I'll just....o...kay....

It was ended at 8 PM, if I'm not wrong...hahaha
We decided to go back because it was already late for us girls to hangout. But we stopped at J.Co and had yoghurt-ing(?) I ordered single coop with strawberry mochi, fyi, I hate strawberry-or berries series like strawberry, blueberry, cherry, raspberry or their friends- but this strawberry mochi is different and I love how they taste, hihihi~ While my friend chose almond as her yoghurt topping.

We chat until 8.30 PM and took some, no, much photos. Girls know how to treasure a day with :)

today's best pose HAHAHA

Yesterday I didn't get anything productive BUT I'M SUPER DUPER MEGA HAPPY! ^^

Sabtu, 19 April 2014

Day 2 and 3, 1 Litre of Tears

I haven’t able to update this blog yesterday because I’m reaallly focusing on “1 Litre of Tears”.

In day 2 of holiday, I didn’t do anything special besides watching drama and eating ahaha J So I’ll just skip day 2 and let me tell you about my 3rd day of holiday!

Same as before, I spend today with watching drama called “1 Litre of Tears” and do some house chores. 1 Litre of Tears is a Japanese drama based on true story of a girl named Aya who struggled an incurable disease. Wait, I forget the name… um..ataxia? Oh, spinocerebellar degenerative disease. Huh, even for me difficult to remember the name -_-

1 Litre no Namida (1リットルの涙

Through this amazing drama, I realize we have to live our life to the fullest. It’s not like I didn’t think like that before, but today, something just knock my heart to treasure our life like there’s no tomorrow. We don’t know what will happen next week, tomorrow, one hour later, even the next second. Who knows we will have a shorter lives than others? Of course we don’t want it to be happen and want to keep a healthy life.

Aya in the drama

Everyone should know that health is an expensive thing to get.

Aya and her family in the drama

But I just can’t imagine how Aya live her life as a patient with an incurable disease. Knowing the thruth herself, even knowing that her disease couldn’t be cured.

She got accepted at a school that she wanted. That was her dream to be graduated from that school. But because of her disease, she had to move to a school for disability people. It hurted her so much. Even some her friends saying things that shouldn’t be said. But there’s a boy named Haruto who care about her and always by her side everytime she felt down.

I wonder, if I have a disease like her, will I be able to not give up and always trying to live? Will my friend stay by my side and not complaining about my disease? Will there a boy who care about me and love me sincerely like him?

Ehem, the boy, ehem ><

My heart hurt so much because of the tears that her parent, brother and sisters shed for her. I can’t imagine my parents shed tears and look at me like that.

Even for me, the audience, got hurt by just watching the movie. I wonder how the people around the real Aya…….deal with it.

The real Aya :)

Thank you, Aya, you got me to learn how to treasure my life. The you who just 14 years old, deal with your cruel disease and fight for it. Even I, if there’s no anything happen, who will get my 18 next month, sometime still spend my day like this and got no meaning like you treasure your day.

I’m sure there’s many people who inspired by you and realize their day shouldn’t be spend with no meaning and will live their life happily as possible.

So guys, enough for the review, I will do some things.
Hope this drama will get you inspired…. and bye! :)

Kamis, 17 April 2014

Day 1 : I'm Happy

First day of the longggggg holiday! J

I got up pretty late, haha.

Enak banget tidur rasanya, nggak ada beban, bahaaaaagia. Nggak lama setelah bangun tidur, I made a morning toast. Not really a toast actually, there’s a machine called… idk what is it called but it got the bread pressed and I reallyyyy love to eat bread that way ^~

Not something new actually, today I just made my mood up! I downloaded everything that I resisted during the time for finals and TODAY I DOWNLOADED THEM!
I watched Law of The Jungle Onew special, Running Man 193, continuing the 15th episode of Prime Minister and I (there’s still 1 episode left!! J), Wild Chives….

Oho, in the morning, I tidy up my room because it nearly 2 weeks…..I left them behind. You know…..it’s a total mess. So I swept and taraaa~ it become clean again hohoho~

I ate kangkung and omelette for lunch. After that I watched drama again.

Around 5 PM, I watched local television.I only watched this television series because it has reaallllyyy interesting story and character.

I drew some drawing today….it’s not really good but I pretty satisfied.


Hmm, again one of a boring day to write, but I’m happy. Hohoho~

I will try to make my holiday interesting!!

Bye! J